About Dean

"Dean Carrigan is one of the most sensitive and intuitive players with whom I've had the pleasure to work... he improves whatever he touches, makes helpful suggestions, and listens to what others are playing... all while leaving his ego at the door. Whether he's playing bass or drums, he finds the groove, and decorates it just enough. A musician with both taste and talent who is an asset to any team."

"Dean is an exceptional and gifted musician with so much to offer the world! I'm honored to have worked with him on my most recent album Long Live the Queen - he played bass on Busy Body, Climb the Ladder, Walk Away, Power of God, and Without You; and the lead guitar solo on Walk Away. What I enjoy most about Dean is his versatility and ability to interpret music from all over the world and make it his own. I was honored to perform live with him at the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Dean plays acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano in addition to being a composer. I hope to have half of his talent someday soon!"


Dean Carrigan lives in Silver Spring, MD, where he performs and records on bass, drums, vocals, guitar and piano.  A seasoned veteran of the Atlantic City music scene, Dean brings a huge range of influences to his playing, and is at home wherever the world of sound takes him.

"I've known Dean since the very early 80s. We played opposite each other and saw each other playing on various stages in Atlantic City for several years, but I never had the opportunity to actually play with Dean until a 2012 benefit concert. That was a wonderful experience, and every bit as joyful as I expected it to be.  Dean is one of the most musical and feeling bass players I've ever had the pleasure to play alongside, and since I am a drummer, that musical relationship between me and the bass player is a special one - and when it was Dean on bass it was very special indeed.  He plays with so much feel and groove, and really listens to what's going on around him, and expertly enhances any rhythm section. I think the sophistication and just overall good vibe of Dean's playing is a direct result of the man that he is.  A really nice man. If you look up the word "nice" in the dictionary there's a picture of Dean there, because he's the textbook example of that word. A great guy. A wonderful bass player. An excellent all-around musician and composer. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to play alongside him and I'm thrilled to count him among my friends."